Oil of Cognac,

Oil of Peach,

Bourbon Whiskey Flavor

Grape Sugar,

Oil of Rye, Essence of Malt, Apple Oil, Coloring, etc., etc.

The above Oils are obtained by the action of Carbonic Acid Gas; thus, in strong metallic vessels, ripe grapes (as in the production of Brandy Flavoring) are exposed for four months to a pressure of 200 lbs. of gas to the inch. This treatment decomposes the husk and pulp of the fruit - the flavoring and volatile principle of the grape combines with the gas from which it separated, and is known as Oil of Cognac; the remaining portions of the fruit yield Grape Sugar. By the same process, Molasses yields Oil of Rum; Scorched Barley, Essence of Malt; Ripe Peaches, Oil of Peach; Apples, Oil of Apples. Any subsistence will yield its aroma and flavoring principles, however delicate, to this gas, without the least possibility of contamination.

Our Oil of Cognac is manufactured at Reims, where Grapes of the proper flavor can be obtained.

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