Lemons. - Lemons intended for squeezing should be peeled before using. The juice ought not to be older than a day. It must be strained thoroughly. Lime-juice may be mixed with lemon-juice; the mixture is cheaper and better. The fresh lemon-peel is very useful for flavoring and decorating the drinks.

Oranges. - A medium size of dark-colored ones is the best for squeezing, as well as cutting up. Use from six to twelve oranges, according to the demand of the business; peel them and take them apart carefully; place them in a punch-bowl, add some fine sugar, pour either Rhine wine, sherry wine or brandy over it; let it stand in a cold place from three to six hours, and serve a piece to your customer after the drink, and you will find it will be appreciated.

The Delicious Pineapple. - Pineapple may be used in the same way as oranges, the juice or syrup being almost indispensable.

Choice Grapes. - To make a drink of inviting appearance choice grapes are necessary, for decorating as well as simply presenting.

In addition to these fruits, a few others ought to be kept on hand: Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries. They may be prepared the same way as the other fruits.

Never handle fruits with your fingers, but use a fancy fruit-fork.

Canned Fruits

At a time when there are no fresh fruits to be had, canned goods may be taken instead of them. The juice or the syrup of them lends a very aromatic flavor to drinks - such as cobblers, punches, sours, fizzes and lemonades. You also may present a little of these fruits to your customers.

To persons who drink strong liquors, the use of fruits is of a much greater advantage than lunch. The proper way of serving such little relishes is to put them in a separate little glass, or present on a fork or a toothpick.