No part of the kitchen equipment has been so evaded in planning as has accurate and systematic storage space. The habit has been acquired of using every corner and tuck-away place for a closet, the idea being that the more closets, the greater would be the convenience. Too much or inaccessible storage space invites slack housekeeping and is, therefore, more destructive to the general scheme than is too little closet room.

Pantries And Closets 95Plate XI

Plate XI

(Above) Shelves of suitable size for the materials to be stored. (Below) Utensils in which foods may be both cooked and served- casseroles and meat plank.

Limited storage space compels one to organize, to eliminate, and to arrange compactly, the general result thereby favoring conservation. Only such storage space should be planned as is really needed to complete and assist the operation of the kitchen.

Plate XI 97

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