Although a washing-machine may be used, there should be one or more tubs in a laundry. Stationary tubs are best, even though running water is not available, for some simple method of draining them can be devised. The tubs are best made of porcelain, enameled iron, or alberine stone. White tubs are a good background for bluing clothes. Wooden tubs may be more cheaply constructed; but there is danger of the wooden tub becoming unsanitary from careless handling.

A stationary tub should always be set with regard to the height of the person who is to use it most. Many tubs are set far too low and necessitate too much back bending on the part of the operator.

If stationary tubs are not available, fiber tubs are the best to buy for the laundry, as they are light and easy to care for. Galvanized iron and wooden tubs are cheaper.