Apparatus And Materials

A ring stand, wire net, Bunsen burner, glass beaker, test tube, chemical thermometer, white of egg.


Put the beaker two thirds full of water on the wire net over the flame. Put enough white of egg into the test tube to cover the bulb of the thermometer when this is put into the tube. Clamp the test tube so that it rests in the water in the beaker. The surface of the water should stand above the top of the white of egg. Clamp the thermometer so that it is held in the white of egg in the test tube. The white should be stirred with a fork before it is put into the test tube, and only a small quantity used.

Note: 1. The temperature when the first visible change occurs.

2. The temperature when the whole mass becomes of a jelly like consistency.

3. The temperature when the water reaches the boiling point. Remove ; note the consistency.