This old-fashioned word is used here to include the methods and processes connected with the actual work of the house, excepting the cookery, sewing, and laundering, which have fuller treatment elsewhere. This department of household management is a combination of sanitation and the economics of labor.

Order In Place

Keep articles of a kind together conveniently arranged in places set apart for them, these places to be easily accessible. Make an inventory of household goods in a card file, - household linen, personal apparel, including lists of clothing put away for summer or winter, dishes, and valuables. Each housekeeper must make a scheme that suits her own needs, but a few suggestions may be helpful.

Keep bed linen and towels, piled preferably on shelves, near bed-rooms and bathrooms, marked and numbered. Put the clean underneath when they come from the laundry.

Clothing should be kept in an orderly way by each member of the family. Winter clothing and furs should be cleansed for putting away, protected from moths by wrapping in paper, hanging in tar bags, putting in cedar chests, or in trunks with some strong odored substances, - moth balls or cedar oil. Camphor is too expensive. Summer clothing should be washed and put away unstarched and unironed.

Dishes and silver should be carefully arranged in very definite places, and counted often enough to keep account of breakage and loss.

Fig. 79.   Madam, who keeps your house?

Fig. 79. - Madam, who keeps your house?


Brooms, brushes, dusters, and cleansing materials should have a place of their own, well ventilated when possible, and all articles put away clean.