The convenience of these has been suggested already. When we can make them all sanitary, and when methods are used that will not injure the fabric, we can safely put this kind of work out of the house, but at present many commercial laundries are unsanitary and ruin the clothes.

Cost Of Laundering

We cannot have good service without paying for it, and one cause of poor laundry work is the public demand for cheap work, and this too has its effect upon the laundry worker. The housekeeper often fails to

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Fig. 82.   Folding of corset covers


Courtesy of Balderston and Limerick.

Fig. 82. - Folding of corset covers.

have the laundry ready when the wagon calls, and yet demands a quick return, which also results in poor work.

If you have never done any laundering and expect a laundress to do up fine lingerie at a low rate, it will be a revelation to you to attempt to iron a shirt waist or lingerie dress, and then decide what remuneration you would yourself like to receive. One class of high school girls, after a course of six laundry lessons, decided that a dollar a dozen was fair pay for ordinary work! This is an interesting question for class and home discussion.