There are other needs of family life for which money must be spent besides the material ones of food, shelter, and clothing. In the division of some family incomes little thought is given to this phase of living. After the income reaches a certain amount, it is possible so to plan that education, recreation, philanthropy, and savings all figure in the division of expenditures. Some writers say that 25 per cent of the income of $1000 to $5000 should be spent in this way. If thought is given to this, it would mean opportunities for books, periodicals, lectures, and membership in societies; some travel and vacation, social clubs, theaters and concerts; charity and church expenditures; life insurance and other savings. It is the idea of ownership of property, of homes, of possessions of all kinds that has led from primitive living to advanced civilization. And with advanced civilization comes the need for the higher life which should be satisfied and can be through wise division of funds. The choice of things to satisfy this higher life rests with the individual; it may be music, it may be the cultivation of altruistic feeling in the help given to neighbors; it may be a bank account for some future good, or money spent on excursions, lectures, or theater. Whatever it is, it satisfies the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual life of man and distinguishes him as one of advanced civilization.