Breakfast Mackerel

Soak the fish over night, next morning put in a skillet in cold water. Let come to a boil and pour off water, add more and let come to a scald; take up, spread over with butter, dredge with flour and set in oven to brown.


Cut off head and dress. Boil till tender with a little salt and a pinch of soda added to the water. When tender take from water and pick to pieces, add a few cracker crumbs, one onion, parsley, allspice, salt and pepper, add two tablespoonfuls of butter. Boil liquor down, pour over fish ; garnish with slices of lemon and bake a light brown.

Mock Terrapin

Take half a calf's liver, season and fry brown. Hash it not very fine; dredge thickly with flour; take one teaspoonful of mixed mustard, a pinch of cayenne pepper, two hard-boiled eggs chopped fine, a piece of butter size of an egg, one teacup of water. Boil together a minute or two and serve.


Cut off the head, and scald, scrape and clean thoroughly. Put on to boil, shell and all, add salt and pepper, and cook until very tender, pick meat from shell, season with butter, and thicken with a tablespoonful of flour and a little milk.

Fried Eels

After cleaning the eels well, cut in pieces about two inches long, wash them and wipe them dry, roll them in flour or crackers,fry in hot lard. They should be browned all over and thoroughly done.

Fish Chowder

Take 1 lb. cod or haddock ; put the head, bones, fins and skin into one cup cold water and let simmer. In one tablespoonful of dripping brown one small onion. Pare and slice two potatoes and parboil five minutes. Strain the fish bones from the water, add the potatoes, scrape in the browned onion, and add salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, then add the fish, cut into inch pieces ; simmer from ten to twenty minutes, or until the fish and potatoes are done. Take two tablespoonfuls each of flour and butter and one cup of milk, and cook together to make a white sauce ; add it to the chowder, boil, and add two crackers broken into quarte:.. Serve in a hot dish.

Fish Sauce

Put four tablespoonfuls butter into a saucepan, and cook in it the same measure of flour. Add two cups boiling water, milk or fish-stock, four tablespoonfuls of butter, and season with salt and pepper. Boil five minutes and serve. This is often called drawn-butter sauce. To make egg sauce add to above two or three chopped hard-boiled eggs.