Milk should be kept covered with a cloth to prevent it from absorbing impurities from the air. It should be sterilized for babies and young children ; especially during warm weather. Vessels used for milk should be kept perfectly (Iran. Rinse them out after Using, fill them with water in which a tea-spoonful of borax or washing soda has been dissolved and let them stand an hour. Then wash them in hot soap-suds, scald them, rinse again and let them cool.

Sterilized Milk - Sterilize milk bottles or jars by boiling them twenty minutes in water. Remove them, fill two-thirds full of milk, and cork with baked or prepared cotton or with rubber corks which have been sterilized. Place the bottles on a wire stand in a kettle of cold water, heat the water gradually to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and keep it at that temperature forty minutes; then remove the bottles and cool quickly by placing them in cold or iced water. Keep the bottles in a cool place.

A thermometer for testing the temperature may be bought at any pharmacy, but if there is none at hand heat the milk until a scum forms over the- top, and keep it as nearly as possible at that temperature for forty minute*. Do not allow it to boil.

Cold Custard Or Junket

Warm one quart new tweet milk, add two tablespoon-fuls sugar, and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Pour the mixture into a glass or china dish and add one tablespoonful liquid rennet, and set it In a warm place. If, at at 26 R the end of an hour, it has not begun to harden, stir in one teaspoonful more of rennet ; it should be firm in one or two hours. Remove it to a cool place or set it on ice to cool. It should be eaten within an hour after it has hardened or it will separate into curds and whey. Serve with cream. Cold custard may be flavored with nutmeg grated over the surface, or a teaspoonful of vanilla extract or rosewater stirred in with the rennet.

Cornstarch Blanc Hange

Scald a pint of milk in a double boiler. Add one table-spoonful sugar and a sprinkle of salt, with some mashed or preserved strawberries or a little cocoa, mixed with some cold milk. Mix two tablespoonfuls cornstarch with cold milk, stir it into the hot milk, boil and stir five or ten minutes, until it is smooth and thick. Pour the mixture into cold wet cups or molds. Serve cold with cream or milk and sugar.

Toast And Cheese

Prepare toast; dip in hot, salted water; grate enough dry cheese to cover the slices ; set in the oven to melt, and put the slices together as sandwiches. This may be enriched in various ways by adding egg, butter, and spices.

Cheese Pudding

Butter a baking dish, put in a cup of grated breadcrumbs and a half cup grated cheese in layers, or mix and keep some crumbs for the top. Beat an egg slightly, add a half cup of milk, salt and cayenne pepper ; pour in baking dish, add a top layer of crumbs and bake till brown.

Rice and Cheese Pudding - Pick over and wash a cup of rice. Steam until soft in salted water, in a double boiler. Butter a baking dish, put in the rice and two cups of grated cheese in layers, pour on one cup of white sauce. Sprinkle over it buttered cracker crumbs and brown in the oven. Macaroni may be used in the same way.

Welsh Rarebit

Take half pound grated cheese and quarter cupful milk or cream, put into a double boiler, and stir until the cheese is melted. Beat one egg, and add mustard, salt, and cayenne pepper ; then pour the milk and cheese over the mixture. Add a teaspoonful of butter, return to the boiler, and cook until it thickens, stirring constantly. Pour it over dry toast.

Cheese Sticks

Take one pint flour, one-half pint grated cheese ; mix and make paste with lard the size of an egg; make the same as pie crust. Roll out and cut in strips one half inch wide and five inches long; sprinkle over top with grated cheese and bake a light brown.

Cheese Straws

One cup of grated cheese, one-half cup butter, three-fourths cup of flour, sifted, one small .teaspoonful dry mustard, four teaspoonfuls of cold water; mix all together and roll out like pie crust, cut into strips half-inch broad and five inches long. Bake a light brown and serve with salads.

Macaroni With Cheese

Take twelve sticks of macaroni broken into one inch lengths, and cook in three pints of boiling salted water twenty minutes; turn into a colander and pour over it cold water ; drain, make a sauce of one tablespoonful each of butter and flour, and one and one-half cups of hot milk ; salt and pepper to taste ; put a layer of grated cheese in the bottom of baking dish, then a layer of sauce, then macaroni, and sauce, cover this with fine breadcrumbs ; bake until brown.