Tomato Butter

Scald and remove skin from nice sized tomatoes, slice and mash fine, to each quart of tomatoes add a quart of granulated sugar; let cook fast, stir until done.

Lemon Butter

Grate the rinds of three lemons, and add the juice. Beat together two cups sugar and three eggs, and add one teaspoonful butter. Stir all together and boil to the consistency of strained honey.

Strawberry Jam

Take a quart of berries, mash with a potato masher, add one pint granulated sugar, and cook fast, stirring constantly, until of the desired consistency.

Raspberry Jam

To five pounds red berries add an equal quantity of granulated sugar. Mash the berries in a kettle, put in the sugar, let boil until it jellies upon a cold plate.

Pineapple Preserves

Pare, slice pineapples; to every pound of fruit add one pound of sugar; place in jars a layer of apple, then of sugar ; let stand over night; take juice off of the fruit and boil until it thickens; pour in the fruit and boil fifteen minutes ; take apples out of syrup to cool; then put in jar and pour syrup over and seal.

Quince Marmalade

Stew as many apples as you wish to put with your quinces, and strain the juice as for jelly. Pare and core the quinces, put in a bowl and chop as fine as desired; put in a vessel and cover with the apple juice, add a little water if necessary, and cook until the fruit is tender. Skim the fruit out carefully, strain and measure the juice; add sugar as for jelly, and boil until almost jellied. Drop in the fruit and cook until it begins to jelly. Put in jelly glasses.

Preserved Strawberries

One large cup of sugar to one pint of berries. Add enough water to dissolve sugar, and boil to a thick syrup. Add berries, and boil rapidly fifteen minutes. Cook small quantity at a time.

Preserved Rhubarb

Cut as for pies, without peeling ; take the same quantity of sugar as you have fruit, put a small piece of butter in the bottom of a porcelain or granite kettle; place the sugar and rhubarb alternately in the kettle, place on the back of range and cook slowly, stirring occasionally, until sugar is dissolved; then cook more rapidly until preserved.

Preserved Peaches, Pears, Plums.Make fruit ready for preserving; to each pound of fruit use three-fourths to one pound of sugar and one cup water, according to tartness of fruit, boil syrup from five to ten minutes, then put in fruit; boil until fruit looks clear; fill jars and close.

Spiced Currants

Make a syrup of three pounds of sugar, one pint vinegar, two tablespoonfuls each of cinnamon and cloves, one-half teaspoonful salt; add six pounds of currants, and boil one-half hour.

Spiced Peaches, Pears, and Sweet Ap-ples. - Take five pounds fruit, three pounds sugar, cloves and cinnamon to taste; one pint cider vinegar; have the syrup hot, cook until tender.

Canned Strawberries

Wash berries thoroughly before picking off stems ; weigh them. To each pound of berries allow one-quarter pound of sugar. Let them cook fifteen minutes; after they come to a boil they are ready to can.

Canned Peaches, Pears, and Quinces. - Prepare fruit for canning, place in kettle; to each quart of fruit put four tablespoon-fuls of sugar; put in water to prevent burning, heat slowly to a boil, then boil three or four minutes, can and seal. Cook pears and quinces longer.