[AS., from I,. caseus, cheese] Curd of milk pressed hard. By adding rennet to milk, the nitrogenous substance called casein is made to curdle or coagulate ; and it is separated from the whey by straining". The curds are pressed into shape in moulds and then dried. The best cheese is made from new milk-that is, from milk which has not lost its cream. The richest kind of cheese made in England is called Stilton cheese ; it is made from milk to which cream has been added. Cheddar cheese is made from good new milk, while some other kinds are made from milk partly or fully skimmed of its cream. Gruyere cheese, made in Switzerland, is flavored with herbs. Roquefort is made from the milk of sheep and goats. Skim-milk cheese is a flesh-forming food, because it consists chiefly of casein; new-milk cheese is a flesh-forming and a heat-producing food, because it contains the casein and also the milk-fat or cream. One hundred pounds of cheese contain 30 lbs. of fat. Cheese in America is principally made in large factories, largely in New York State. The annual production in the United States is about 50,000,000 pounds. (See Curds.)