Cup Custard

Scald one pint milk. Beat two eggs, add the milk, sprinkle of salt and two tablespoonfuls sugar, and stir until the sugar dissolves. If desired, a little nutmeg may be added. Pour into cups, stand the cups in a pan of boiling water, put the pan in the oven and bake until the custards are firm in the centre.

To make a bread-and-butter pudding, pour the custard into a pudding-dish and place buttered slices of bread on top of the custard. Stand the pudding-dish in a pan of boiling water and bake in the oven.

To test baked custard. Put a knife in the centre ; if it comes out without egg of milk on it the custard is cooked. Overcooking will curdle it.

Steamed Custard

Scald one pint milk. Mix one teaspoonful cocoa with a little cold milk and stir into the hot milk. Boil one minute. Separate two eggs, keeping the whites in a cool place. Beat the two yolks and one whole egg together, add salt and three tablespoonfuls sugar, and stir into the hot milk. If liquid flavoring, instead of 412 cocoa, is used, add it last, and pour the mixture into a pudding-dish or into cups. Set it into a pan of hot water or into a steamer over a kettle of boiling water until the custard is solid. Just before meal time beat the two whites of eggs stiff, add half table-spoonful sugar and half tablespoonful red jelly or jam, and drop by spoonfuls on the custard for a meringue or float.

Snow Custard

Take one quart of milk, sweeten and flavor with lemon and vanilla. Bring the milk to a boil, and lay on top the whites of five eggs beaten to a froth. When the whites have cooked slightly, remove and lay on a dish. Then add the boiling milk to the beaten yolks, stirring constantly, and put on the fire until near boiling. Then remove it, and lay the whites carefully on top.

Floating Island

Scald one pint milk. Separate three eggs. Add salt and two tablespoonfuls sugar to the yolk and beat. Beat the whites until very stiff, add one teaspoonful powdered sugar to them, beat slightly, and drop spoonfuls of the stiff whites on top of the scalded milk. Let them cook two or three minutes, until firm, lift cut on a plate, and pour the scalded milk on the beaten yolks. Put this mixture into a double boiler, and stir until it thickens. Pour it into a china or glass dish. When nearly cool, stir in the flavoring, put the whites on the top, and serve cold, as a pudding. A pretty way to serve it is to put specks of jelly on the tops of the whites.

To make cocoanut or chocolate custard, cook two tablespoonfuls cocoanut or one-half tablespoonful melted chocolate in the scalded milk.

Tapioca Custard

Soak three heaping teaspoonfuls of tapioca over night. Place over fire one quart milk, let come to a boil, then stir in tapioca, pinch of salt; one cup sugar and beaten yolks of three eggs. Stir quickly and place in dish. Place on top the whites of three eggs well beaten. Set on ice.