Small Custard

Beat one egg, one heaping teaspoonful sugar; one-half pint milk. Put in cup, set in vessel of boiling water and bake.

Baked Custard

Four well-beaten eggs, one half cup of sugar, one and one-half pints milk; flavor with nutmeg. Bake from three-quarters of an hour to an hour, according to temperature of oven. If baked too long it will be watery. As soon as it solid clear through it is done. Set baking-dish in a pan of water while baking.

Peach Cream

To one quart of ripe peaches, peeled and rubbed through sieve, add whites of two eggs, one cup granulated sugar. Beat together until a stiff cream is formed. Serve cold.

Banana Cream

After peeling the bananas, mash fine with a spoon, then allow equal parts of bananas and sweet cream. To one quart of the mixture add one-fourth pound sugar. Beat all together until the cream is light.

Spanish Cream

Scald three cups milk with one-quarter box gelatine, add one-half cup sugar, and pour on yolks of three eggs slightly beaten. Cook until thick, stirring constantly ; remove from heat, add salt, one teaspoonful vanilla, and whites of eggs beaten stiff. Pour into mold wet with cold water.

Apple Snow

Peel and grate one large sour apple, sprinkling over it a small cup of powdered sugar as you grate it, to keep it from turning dark; break into this the whites of two eggs, and beat it all constantly for half an hour ; take care to have it in a large vessel, as it beats up very stiff and light; heap in a glass dish and pour a fine, smooth custard around it and serve. A very delicate dessert.

Raspberry Float

Crush one pint ripe red raspberries with gill of sugar. Beat whites of four eggs to stiff froth and add gradually a gill of powdered sugar. Press raspberries through fine strainer to remove seeds, and by degrees beat in juice, egg and sugar until so stiff that it will stand in pyramids.

Lemon Jelly

Take one ounce gelatine, cover with one pint cold water, let stand for one hour. Add one pint of hot water and juice of three lemons ; sweeten to taste and let boil; strain and set away to cool.

For orange jelly, omit the lemon juice, slice four oranges, and place in a glass jar. Pour gelatine over and eat cold.

Strawberry Charlotte

Make boiled custard of one quart of milk, yolks of three eggs, three-fourths cup sugar. Place in fruit dish, pieces of cake dipped in sweet cream, lay upon this ripe strawberries sweetened to taste, and alternate layers of cake and berries. When the custard is cold pour over it cake and berries. Beat whites of eggs to stiff froth, add three tablespoon-fuls of sugar and place on top of custard.

Tapioca Cream

Soak over night two tablespoonfuls tapioca in one-half teacup milk (or enough to cover), bring one quart milk to boiling point. Beat well together the yolks of three eggs, one-half cup sugar, one teaspoonful vanilla or lemon for flavoring. Add tapioca and stir the whole into boiling milk, let boil, turn into dish, and immediately turn on the well-beaten whites. Serve cold.