The geranium forms one of the most attractive of flowering plants from its rich hue and the fact that it keeps in bloom through a great part of the season. The cultivation of it is easy, almost any kind of soil answering the purpose. To set out a pot of geraniums, a small quantity of sand should be mixed with the soil, and some good manure added. The plant being well set in the earth, it should be watered, left for several days in a cool and shady spot, then put for a few hours in the light. In a short time it will become accustomed to the sunshine.

When.the warm season comes, the pots can be set out in the ground, being buried to their tops. A cloudy day or late afternoon should be chosen, so as to avoid too much sunshine at first. To keep the geranium in attractive condition, decaying leaves and fading flower-heads should be removed, so that the plants may look always fresh. Slips will root well if set in the earth where shaded from the direct rays of the sun. They should be set well down and the earth pressed compactly around them. In this way fine young plants can be got ready for the winter flower garden.