Interesting as many of the cage-birds and other house pets are, the window conservatory and the flowering plant are of more value for home adornment, on account 'of the much less care needed, and their striking beauty when in bloom. The plants which can be used for house adornment are very numerous. We do not need to go to foreign lands in search of them, for they grow and bloom all around us. Many of the wild flowers of out fields and forests respond well to the loving hand of their admirer, and the ferns which are abundant in dell and ravine will fill up with attractive green many spare nooks in garden or on window-shelf.

The flowers raised in pots tor house use are -greatly varied in kind and character, including the favorite rose and lily, the constant-blooming geraniums, the azaleas, hyacinths, tulips, dahlias, and a great variety of others, too numerous to mention. Among them are many climbers which are very attractive when given an opportunity to drape an open space. Not only in the house, but in any bit of ground in its vicinity, green things can readily be kept in growth, bursting into rare beauty at some time in the year, when their period of bloom arrives.