Explanation of stitches, and abbreviations found in most directions: -k. = Knit plain.


P, or, as it is often called, seam. Throw the thread over the needle (which will bring it in front of the work). Insert the right-hand needle into the stitch exactly opposite of the usual way and knit. Always keep the thread in front of the work instead of back as usual.


To decrease or narrow is simply to knit two stitches together.


Knit two together or narrow.


Slip a stitch from the left needle to the right without knitting it.


and b. = Slip and bind. Slip one stitch, knit the next, then pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch. This is also called cast off.


Throw the thread over the needle.

This also will make one if the next stitch is knitted as usual and in the next row this thread over is knitted as a stitch.

To Knit Crossed

Insert needle in the back of the stitch and knit as usual.

To Bind Or Cast Off

Slip or knit the first stitch; knit the next, pass the slip stitch over the knitted and repeat till none are left.


Means to knit across once when two needles are used.


(Use silkatine or knitting-silk.) Cast 85 stitches on to three needles. Knit in ribs of three stitches plain and two seamed for 90 rows. Bind off loosely and finish edge with a crocheted scallop.

Knit Purse

(Old-fashioned and was used for silver and gold. Use silkatine or knitting-silk.) Cast on 59 stitches and knit first row plain.

Second Row

- Seam two together, thread over, across the row; knit the last stitch.

Repeat this row till there are 65 rows. Knit 83 rows plain. Knit 64 rows like the second row. Bind off. Gather and sew the ends; sew the sides, leaving an opening in the middle of two and a half inches.

Always keep 59 stitches on the needle.

Knit Balls

(A plaything for children.) Cast on 24 stitches and knit alternate stripes of white and some color. Knit two rows across in each color, and 24 stripes in all, then join.

Fill a small pill-box with beans; wind a ball of common coarse yarn or twine about it; draw over this the knitting and sew the ends with a needle and coarse thread.

Knit Blanket

(Use bone or wooden needles.) Knit in strips a yard long of alternate colors. Cast on 17 stitches. Knit one row across the needle. Seam one row. Knit one row. Seam one row. Knit one row. Repeat from first row.

When the strip is a yard long, bind off two stitches and drop one, repeating across the row, and the drop stitch will run down to the chain making the strip openwork in design.