Orange Fritters

Take the peel and white skin from three large oranges; then cut them across into slices; pick out the seeds; dip each slice of orange into a thick batter. Fry them nicely, and serve them with sugar sifted over each.

Arrowroot Fritters

Put a pint of new milk and the same of cream over the fire until it boils; mix two ounces of arrowroot very smooth in a little cold milk, and stir it as quickly as possible into the boiling milk and cream; add a little vanilla, the yolks of eight well beaten eggs, and sugar to taste; stir it for about twenty minutes over a quick fire, then put it into a deep cutlet pan, and bake it about ten minutes in a quick oven. When it is cold, cut out the fritters with a round cutter, and egg, bread-crumb, and fry them; glaze and send them up very hot, with greengage or apricot sauce in the dish.

* Lime water is made by placing a lump of quicklime the size of a walnut in a winebottle full of hot water, and allowing it to settle for a day.

Pink Fritters

Boil a large beet-root till it is tender, and then beat it fine in a mortar; add the yolks of four beaten eggs, two spoonfuls of flour, and three of cream; sweeten it to your taste, grate in some nutmeg, and the peel of half a lemon, and add a glass of brandy. Mix all well together, and fry the fritters in butter; garnish them with green sweetmeats, apricots preserved, or green sprigs of myrtle.

Raspberry Fritters

Grate two Naples biscuits; pour over them half a gill of boiling cream, and set it to cool. Beat the yolks of four eggs into a strong froth, and then beat them into the soaked biscuits. Add two ounces of sugar pounded fine, and as much raspberry juice as will flavour it and give, it a pink colour. Drop it from a spoon, the size of a walnut, into a pan of boiling fat, and when done, drain them from the fat, stick shreds of citron into some, and blanched almonds cut into long strips into others. Garnish with sweetmeats.