String fresh green beans, and cut down the sides till within an inch of the end, boil in water fifteen minutes, take out and drain; when cold, pack in a stone jar, first putting two table-spoons of salt in the bot-to'a, then a quart of beans, sprinkle with a table-spoon of salt, put in layer after layer in this way till the crock is full, pour over a pint (if not filled the first time, beans may be added until filled, putting in no more water after this pint) of cold well-water, put on a cloth with a plate and weight, set away in a cool place, and in about a week take off the cloth, wash it out in a little salt water (there will be a scum upon it), put back as before, and reneat operation at the end of another week; then pack away, and when wanted for use, take out the quantity wanted and soak for half an hour, put in pot in cold water with a piece of fresh pork, cook half an hour, season with pepper and a little salt if needed; or cook without pork, and season with butter and pepper.