How To Cure A Kicking Cow

Take a strap an inch wide and buckle tight around each hind leg, just above the hock; tight enough to slightly compress the ham-string. Then she can not kick. In fly time take in the tail with the leg and you will not swear.


- Knife and fork handles that have become loosened maybe fastened by taking a piece of quill, putting it into the handle, and pushing the knife or fork in firmly, after first heating it.

Harmonious Color Contrasts

- The following list of harmonizing colors will be found very useful in selecting wall decorations or colors for any purpose: Red with green, blue with orange, yellow with violet, black with warm-brown, violet with pale-green, violet with light-rose, deep blue with golden-brown, chocolate with light blue, deep red with gray, maroon with warm-green, deep blue with pink, chocolate with pea-green, maroon with deep blue, claret with buff, black with warm-green.

Branches of the elder-bush hung in the dining-room of a house, will clear the room of flies. There is an odor which the insects detest.

How To Clean Looking-Glasses

Keep for this purpose a piece of sponge, a cloth, and a silk handkerchief, all entirely free from dirt, as the least grit will scratch the fine surface of the glass. First sponge it with a little spirits of wine, gin-and-water, so as to clean off all spots; then dust over it powder blue, tied in muslin, rub it lightly and quickly off with the cloth, and finish by rubbing it with the silk handkerchief. Be careful not to rub the edges of the frame.

An Easy Way To Clean Silver Articles

Set fire to some wheat-straw, collect the ashes, and, after powdering it, sift it through muslin. Polish the silver plate with a little of it applied to some soft leather.

Freckle Cure

- Take 2 oz. lemon juice, or half a dram of powdered borax, and one dram of sugar; mix together, and let them stand in a glass bottle for a few days, then rub on the face occasionally.

Yankee Shaving Soap

- Take 3 lbs. white bar soap; 1 lb. Castile soap;

1 quart rain water; 1/2 qt. beef's gall; 1 gill spirits of turpentine. Cut the soap into thin slices, and boil five minutes after the soap is dissolved, stir while boiling; scent with oil of rose or almonds. If wished to color it, use 1/2 oz. vermilion.

Bloom Of Youth

Boil 1 ounce of Brazil wood in 3 pints of water for 15 minutes; strain. Add 3/4 oz. isinglass 1/4 oz. cochineal, 1 oz. alum, 1/2 oz. borax. Dissolve by heat, and strain.

Cologne Water

- Oils of rosemary and lemon, of each 1/4 oz.; oils of ber-gamot and lavender, each 1/8 oz.; oil cinnamon, 8 drops; oils of cloves and rose, each 15 drops; best deodorized alcohol, 2 qts.; shake two or three times per day for a week.

How To Clean Old Marble

Take a bullock's gall, 1 gill soap lees, half a gill of turpentine; make into a paste with pipeclay, apply it to the marble; let it dry a day or two, and then rub it off, and it will appear equal to new; if very dirty, repeat the application.

How To Extract Oil From Marble Or Stone

Soft soap, 1 part; fullers'-earth,

2 parts; potash, 1 part; boiling water to mix. Lay it on the spots of grease, and let it remain for a few hours.