How To Prevent Pumps From Freezing

Take out the lower valve in the fall, and drive a tack under it, projecting in such a way that it can not quite close. The water will then leak back into the well or cistern, while the working qualities of the pump will not be damaged.

Valuable Cement

- Two parts, by weight, of common pitch and one part gutta percha, melted together in an iron vessel, makes a cement that olds together, with wonderful tenacity, wood, stone, ivory, leather, porcelain, silk, woolen or cotton. It is well adapted to aquariums.

Cement For Rubber Or Leather

Dissolve one ounce of gutta percha in one-half pound chloroform. Clean the parts to be cemented; cover each with solution, and let them dry twenty or thirty minutes; warm each part in the flame of the candle, and press very firmly together till dry.


- Suppose your barn or house should take tire to-night and be burned down, would you know, without investigating, that it was fully insured and that the policy was good and tight? Some insurance companies have a keen scent for flaws in policies and often find them. Don't let them ever find one in yours. Always insure in companies known to be sound.

How To Make Old Paint Dry

Old paint which is "sticky" may be made hard and dry by applying a coat of benzine, then after a day or two, if the coat of paint is good, go over it with a thin coat of laquer mixed with one third of its bulk of boiled oil. If paint is thin apply a second coat in which more laquer is used.

How To Renovate Hat-Bands When Stained By Sweat

Dissolve one and a half ounces white castile soap in four ounces alcohol and one ounce each of sulphuric ether and aqua ammonia, apply with a sponge or toothbrush, rub smartly, rinse out with clear rain-water. This is equally good to renovate any cloth with fast color.

How To Thaw Out A Pump

Pour hot water directly on the ice, through a tin tube, lowering it as fast as the ice thaws. Ice may be thawed in this way at the rate of a foot a minute; while, by pouring hot water into the pump, the ice would hardly be affected, the hot water being lighter than the cold, and rising to the top.

Water-Proof Shoes

To make shoes water-proof and make them last a long time, dissolve beeswax and add a little sweet-oil to thin it. Before the shoes are worn, warm the soles and pour the melted wax on with a teaspoon; and then hold it close to the fire till it soaks into the leather; then add more till the leather ceases to absorb it.

Diamond Cement

- Dissolve thirteen ounces of white glue in a tin dish containing a pint and a half soft water (set in a kettle containing boiling water); when the glue is dissolved, stir in three ounces of white lead, and boil till well mixed; remove from fire, and, when cool, add half pint alcohol; bottle immediately, and keep well corked.

A Good Paste

To one pint cold water add two heaping table-spoons flour. Put the flour in a pan, add a little of the water, stirring until smooth; then add the rest of the water, stir thoroughly, place on the stove and stir constantly until it boils. After taking from the stove, add one-fourth teaspoon ground cloves to keep it sweet.