Rub magnesia freely on both sides of silk or worsted goods and hang away. Benzine, ether or soap will take out spots from silk, but remember the goods must not be rubbed. Oil of turpentine or benzine will remove spots of paint, varnish or pitch from white or colored cotton or woolen goods. After using it, they should be washed in soap-suds. Spots from sperm candles, stearine, and the like, should be softened and removed by ninety-five par cent, alcohol, then sponged off with a weak alcohol, and a small quantity of ammonia added to it. Holding white cotton or linen over the fumes of burning sulphur, and wetting in warm chlorine water, will take out wine or fruit stains. The sooner the remedy is applied, after any of these spots or stains are discovered, the more effectual the restoration. From white linen or cotton by soap-suds or weak lye, and from calicoes with warm soap-suds. From woolens by soap-suds or ammonia. On silks use either yolk of egg with water, magnesia, ether, benzine, ammonia, or French chalk.