How To Cleanse Articles Made Of White Zephyr

Rubin flour or magnesia, changing often. Shake off flour and hang in the open air a short time.

How To Remove Ink-Stain

Immediately saturate with milk, soak it up with a rag, apply more, rub well, and in a' few minutes the ink will disappear.

How To Clean Alpaca

Sponge with strained coffee. Iron on the wrong side, having black cambric under the goods.

Take Out Machine Oil

Rub with a little lard or butter and wash in warm water and soap, or, simply rub first with a little soap and wash out in cold water.

How To Stiffen Linen Cuffs And Collars

Add a small piece of white wax and one tea-spoon brandy to a pint of fine starch. In ironing, if the iron sticks, soap the bottom of it.

In Washing Children's Stockings, wooden stocking forms are a great help on which to dry them. Obtain them at the furnishing store, or have them made without much expense.

How To Clean Wash Boilers

Wash, when a little rusty, with sweet milk; or grease with lard. A better plan is to prevent rust by thoroughly drying boiler, as well as tubs, before putting away for the week.

How To Take Out Paint

Equal parts of ammonia and spirits of turpentine will take paint out of clothing, no matter how dry or hard it may be. Saturate the spot two or three times and then wash out in soap-suds.

How To Restore Velvet

When velvet gets crushed from pressure, hold the parts over a basin of hot water, with the lining of the dress next the water. The pile will soon rise and assume its original beauty.


- In cloth or calico, produced by an acid, may be removed by touching the spot with spirits of hartshorn. Spots produced by an alkali may be removed by moistening them with vinegar or tartaric acid.

How To Prevent Blue From Fading

To prevent blue from fading, put an ounce of sugar of lead into a pail of water, soak the material in the solution for two hours, and let dry before being washed and ironed; good for all shades of blue.

How To Take Out Mildew

Wet the cloth and rub on soap and chalk, mixed together, and lay in the sun; or lay the cloth in buttermilk for a short time, take out and place in the hot sun; or put lemon juice on, and treat in the same way.

How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothing

Dip the spots in pure melted tallow; wash out the tallow and the ink will come out. If articles are rubbed out in cold water while the stain is fresh, the stain will often be entirely removed.

For Washing Red Table Linen, use tepid water, with a little powdered borax, which serves to set the color; wash the linen separately and quickly, using very little soap, rinse in tepid water, containing a little boiled starch; hang to dry in the shade, and iron when almost dry.

How To Clean Alpaca

Put goods in a boiler half full of cold rain-water, and let boil three minutes. Have ready a pail of indigo-water (very dark with indigo), place goods in it, after wringing out of boiling water, let remain one-half an hour, then wring out, and iron while damp.

How To Clean Velvet

Invert a hot flat-iron, place over it a single thickness of wet cotton cloth, lay on this the velvet, wrong side next the wet cloth, rub gently with a dry cloth until the pile is well raised; take off the iron, lay on a table, and brush it with a soft brush or cloth.