How To Stop Bleeding

Apply wet tea-leaves, or scrapings of sole-leather to a fresh cut and it will stop the bleeding, or apply a paste of flour and vinegar.

How To Stop Bleeding At The Nose

Bathe the feet in very hot water, drinking at the same time a pint of cayenne pepper tea, or hold both arms above the head.

For Dressing Cuts, Wounds Or Sores

Surgeon's solution of carbolic acid and pure glycerine mixed in equal parts, and applied on soft lint or linen cloth.

Dirt In The Eye

To remove specks of dirt from the eye, immerse the eye in cool water, then wink and roil the eyeball until the desired result is accomplished.


- It is said hoarseness may be relieved by using the white of an egg, thoroughly beaten, mixed with lemon-juice and sugar. Take a tea-spoonful occasionally.

Remedy For Piles

Mix a tea-spoon of sulphur with a tea-cup of milk, and take twice a day, morning and night, until improvement takes place; then take occasionally.

Wound From Rusty Nail

Smoke this or any inflamed wound over the fume of burning woolen cloth, wool or sugar, for fifteen minutes, and the pain will be taken out.

For Sprains

The white of an egg, and salt mixed to a thick paste is one of the best remedies for sprains, or bruises, or lameness, for man or beast. Rub well the part affected.

How To Prevent Sea-Sickness

Make a pad of wool or horse hair, and bind over the stomach. Brandy and water, very weak, is the best remedy to allay the heat and irritation.

A Valuable Liniment

One ounce wormwood to one pint alcohol. Or, bruise the green stalks of wormwood, moisten with vinegar, and apply to the sprain. Good for man or beast.

How To Relieve Asthma

Wet blotting-paper in strong solution of saltpetre, dry it, and burn a piece three inches square on a plate in sleeping-room, and it will afford quick relief.

Manna And Milk

Take a quart of fresh skim milk, and boil in it one ounce of manna; drinking this quantity cool, in small draughts, at intervals during the day, is good for consumptives.

How To Prevent Skin From Discoloring After A Bruise

Apply immediately, or as soon as possible, a little dry starch or arrow-root, moistened with cold water, or rub over with common table butter.

Sick Headache

- Elixir of guarana, prepared by Brewer & Co., Springfield, Mass. Take one tea-spoon every half hour until four have been taken, on the first intimation that the headache is coming on.

Hot Water For A Cough

For a tight, hoarse cough, where phlegm is not raised, or with difficulty, take hot water often, as hot as can be sipped. This will be found to give immediate and permanent relief.

Sprains Or Lameness

Two ounces camphorated spirits, two ounces sweet oil, two ounces ammonia, two ounces chloroform; shake well before using, and rub it in by a fire. It is very excellent for a family liniment.

Cherokee Liniment

- One ounce gum-camphor, dissolved in alcohol, one

ounce each of spirits turpentine, sweet oil, hemlock oil, origanum oil, and cedar oil, two ounces spirits hartshorn. Use externally. Shake well before using.

For Burns Or Bruises

Apply peach-tree leaves, the smooth side next the skin, and bind them on. For burns, when there is danger of mortification, or even if it has already set in, hind on strips of cloth dipped in clean tar.