- When corks are too large to go into a bottle, throw them into hot water a few moments, and they will soften.

Charred Casks

- Water and salt meat may be preserved pure a long time if put up in casks with the inside charred.

How To Keep Cutlery From Rust

Wipe dry, and wrap in coarse brown paper.

Tin Tea-Kettles

Kerosene oil will make tin tea-kettles as bright as new. Saturate a woolen rag and rub with it.

To Beat the Whites of Eggs quickly, put in a pinch of salt. The cooler the eggs, the quicker they will froth. Salt cools and also freshens them.


- Wash the upper crust of pies with milk just before putting them in the oven, and it will be a beautiful brown.

Corn Starch Is A Good Substitute For Eggs In Cookies And Doughnuts

One table-spoonful of the starch is equal to one egg.

Salt will curdle new milk; hence, in preparing milk porridge, gravies, etc., the salt should not be added until the dish is prepared.

Wire Table Ware - should never be scoured; it will remain bright if merely washed in clean water with a little soap added.

How To Make Meats Tender

A spoonful of vinegar put into the water in which meats or fowls are boiled makes them tender.


- Oranges and lemons keep best wrapped in soft paper, and laid in a drawer. Lemons may be kept in cold water, which should be changed twice a week.

Silver Polish

- To one quart rain-water add two ounces ammonia and three ounces of precipitated chalk. Put into a bottle, keep well corked and shake before using.

Cement For China

The whites of two eggs, and enough quicklime to form a thick paste. The quicklime should be finely powdered; this makes a good cement for mending broken china, marble, or glass-ware.


- Before using lemons for any purpose, always roll them awhile with your hand on a table. This will cause them to yield a large quantity of juice.

Covering For Jars

A good water-proof paper for covering jars used in preserving, etc., may be made by brushing over the paper with boiled linseed oil and suspending it over a line until dry.

How To Remove A Tight Glass Stopper

Apply a cloth wet in hot water to the neck of the bottle; or wind a cord around once, and "saw" back and forth a few times. This will heat and expand the neck of the bottle.

How To Clean Knives

Cut a good-sized, solid, raw potato in two; dip the flat surface in powdered brick-dust, and rub the knife-blades; or, use a cork, or a cloth in same way. Stains and rust will disappear.

Ground Tea

If tea be ground like coffee, or crushed, immediately before hot water is poured upon it, it will yield nearly double the amount of its exhilarating qualities.

How To Freshen Walnuts

When walnuts have been kept until the meat is too much dried to be good, let them stand in milk and water eight hours; and dry them, and they will be as fresh as when new.

Clinkers may be removed from grates and range back, by throwing half a dozen broken oyster shells into the tire, when the coal is aglow, and covering them with fresh coal. When red-hot the clinkers become doughy and are easily removed.