Dinner - Dessert. Fifth Course

1. Cake.

2. Jelly.

3. Sugar.

4. Cup custard.

5. Nuts.

6. Raisins.

7. Bon bons and confectionery.

8. Fruit.

9. Pastry.

10. Spoons.

11. Nut Crackers.

12. Blanc Mange.

13. Crystallized fruits. 14. Here might be puddings to be handed round from the table. Center figure to be flowers or sugar ornament or pyramid.

Summer Breakfast

Summer Breakfast. For 10 With 2 Reserve Covers

Table is here set for the first course of melons. Second and other courses the same, only fish in place of melons, and so on for the others. See instructions. The table contains sauce, salts, flowers, cream and milk, tea and coffee, potatoes in different styles, and whatever else you may choose.

1. Melon.

1. Radish.

3. Spoons.

4. Lettuce.

5. Fancy biscuit.

6. Dressing.

7. Corn muffins.

8. Powdered sugar.

9. Caster.

10. Butter.

11. Pickles.

12. Dish Custard.

13. Molasses or maple syrup.

14. Oatmeal.

15. Loaf or granulated sugar.

16. Cake.

17. Cold dry toast.

18. White syrup.____________

Summer Lunch

Summer Lunch. For 8 Covers

1. Soft shell crabs.

2. Frozen peaches or fruits.

3. Pickles.

4. Cruet.

5. Ice cream.

6. Roast lamb.

7. Brown bread.

8. White bread.

9. Cakee.

10. Candies.

11. Fancy biscuit.

12. Chocolate bon bons. In the center - flowers.

13. 14. 15. 16 Fruit or what else you may choose.

17. Green pease.

18. Fried Egg plant.

Winter Lunch - For 8 Covers

1. Vegetable salad.

2. Preserved fruit, fruit jelly, etc.

3. Oyster salad.

4. Potato puffs,

5. Small fancy cakes.

6. Cruet.

7. Bon bons.

8. Baked Sweet potatoes.

9. Bread.

10. Brown bread.

11. Macaroni with tomato sauce.

12. Nuts.

13. Pickles.

14. Preserved fruits.

15. Charlotte russe.

16. Cabinet pudding with cream sauce.

17. Preserved fruit, fruit jelly, etc. 18. Braised beef.

Flowers in the center.


Keep tea in a close chest or canister.


- Keep bread or cake in a tin box or stone jar.


- Always grate nutmegs at the blossom end first.


- Keep coffee by itself, and closely covered.

Red Ants

Scatter branches of sweet-fern where they congregate.

Salt Fish are quickest and best freshened by soaking in sour milk.

Stain on Spoons from boiled egg is removed by rubbing with a little salt, or washing in water in which potatoes have been boiled.

How To Preserve Milk

A spoonful of grated horse-radish will keep a pan of milk sweet for days.

The Taste of Fish may be removed very effectively from steel knives and forks by rubbing them with fresh orange or lemon peel.