Army Coffee

Coffee or tea may be made quickly by placing the required quantity of cold water in the pot, and adding the coffee, tied up in a sack of fine gauze, or piece of muslin; bring to boiling point, boil five minutes and serve. Make tea in the same way, except that the tea is put loose in the water, and simply allowed to boil up once.

Steamed Coffee

Put coffee into the pot, pour the boiling water on it; place this pot (which is made to fit) into the top of the tea-kettle, and let cook from ten to twenty minutes, while water in kettle is kept boiling all the time. This makes a clear, delicious coffee. Some persons hold that by first wetting the coffee with cold water, bringing it to boiling point, and then pouring in water, more of the strength is extracted.

Vienna Coffee

Filter instead of boiling the coffee, allowing one table-spoon ground coffee to each person and "one for the pot;" put a quart of cream into a custard-kettle or pail set in boiling water, and put it where it will keep boiling; beat the white of an egg to a froth, and mix well with three table-spoons cold milk. As soon as the cream is hot, remove from fire, add the mixed egg and milk, stir together briskly for a minute, and then serve.

Another method is to pour boiling water over the coffee, cover closely, boil one minute, remove to the side of the stove a few minutes to settle, and serve. Allow two heaping table-spoons coffee to a pint of water. The less time the coffee is cooked the more coffee is required, but the finer the flavor. The late Professor Blot protested against boiling the coffee at all, as in his opinion the aroma was evaporated, and only the bitter flavor left.