Fancy Or Book Sausage Roll

Take a piece of best puff paste, roll it out to an eighth of an inch in thickness; then cut it up in squares four inches square, lay them out on board; then have the sausage meat ready, break it off in pieces the size of a small egg; roll them out three inches long and place one piece in the middle of each square of pastry, Now wet the edge of the pastry with water, then bring the part furthest from you over on to the part nearest to you, taking care to let it be back from the front at least one-fourth of an inch; now wash these with egg, taking care not to allow the egg to run down over the sides of the pastry. Next give a few shallow cuts with a sharp knife; then cut a leaf of pastry, place it in the center (do not wash it), and bake them a nice brown. If these are made well the edges will rise up and the roll will look like a book.


Line out shallow patty pans with scraps of best paste roiled in a sheet, place a piece of bread in each and bake them in a cool oven; when baked remove the bread and place in a teaspoonful of red currant or some other jellies or jam; next cover this with some cheese cake preparation or with a custard that will set. Next have ready a little meringue, made in the usual manner from the whites of eggs and sugar, place a tablespoonful on each, bringing it up cone form; sprinkle a little pink sugar on this and return them to the oven, just to color them a light brown?

New Year's Table

When receiving calls on New Year's day, the table should be handsomely arranged and decorated, and provided with rather substantial dishes, such as would suit the taste of gentlemen. Too great profusion, especially of cakes, confectionery, and ices, is out of taste. Selections may be made from the following: Esealoped oysters; cold tongue, turkey, chicken, and ham, pressed meats, boned turkey, jellied chicken; sandwiches or wedding sandwich rolls; pickled oysters, chicken and lobster salads, cold slaw garnished with fried oysters; bottled pickles, French or Spanish pickles; jellies; charlotte-russe, ice-creams, ices; two large handsome cakes for decoration of table, and one or two baskets of mixed cake, fruit, layer, and sponge cake predominating; fruits; nuts; coffee, chocolate with whipped cream, lemonade.


- For small evening parties, sociables, receptions, etc., where the refreshments are handed round or are served on a sideboard, and are of a simple character, every thing should be excellent in the highest degree, delicately prepared, and attractively served. Sandwiches and coffee, chocolate or tea, a variety of nice cake, jellies, ice-cream or ices, and fruits are appropriate. For a more pretentious occasion, a simple table prettily decorated with flowers, and set with fruit, lobster salad, chicken croquettes, pickled oysters, and one or two kinds of ice-cream and cake, and coffee and tea is quite enough.

Refreshments For Twenty

For a company of twenty allow one gallon oysters, four chickens and eight bunches of celery for chicken salad, fifty sandwiches, one gallon of ice-cream, two molds charlotte-russe, two quarts of lemon jelly, one light and one dark fruit cake, two layer cakes, and one white or sponge cake; for coffee use one and a half pints ground coffee and one gallon of water; fruit cake especially, and, indeed, all rich cake, should be cut in thin slices with a keen-edged knife; a small piece of each variety is always preferred to a plate overloaded with one or two kinds.