Raspberry Puff

Proceed precisely the same as for open tarts. When you have cut the desired number, roll them out thin, about six inches in diameter, Now place a teaspoouful of raspberry preserves on it, a little from the center, spread it a little, and then bring the back part over on the preserve, keeping it back a little from the front edge, for if it laps over the bottom edge is prevented from rising. It is best to allow the top edge to lie back from the the front edge at least one-fourth of an inch. This folding forms a half circle. This .being done, wash them with water, or egg and water, and dust them with powdered sugar. Also cut a few deep but short cuts across the top - over where the preserve lays - when baked, the preserve shows through.

Coventry Puff

For these take scraps of puff paste and roll out into a sheet one-fourth of an inch in thickness. Cut the number of pieces you require with a plain round cutter three inches in diameter. Roll these out same as for raspberry puffs; add some fancy preserves, then fold or lap the paste over in three folds, so that when it is folded it will form a triangle. Then turn the folded part down on the baking pans, wash these with water, or egg and water; dust with powdered sugar, and bake. You do not cut these on the top.

Eccles Cakes Or Tarts

Take one cupful of clean, well-picked currants, add to them one cupful of granulated sugar and one finely chopped lemon peel; add to this a nice flavoring of ground ginger and cinnamon and mix the whole well together. Now take what short crust paste or cuttings of puff paste you require and roll it out in a short one-fourth of an inch thick, then cut it up in square pieces two inches square and put a teaspoonful of the above preparation of currants, etc., in the center of each piece of pastry; then pull over the edges allowing them to lap a little in the center; then flatten them with the hand and turn them over (folded part down). Next, with rolling pin, roll them out until the currants, peel, etc., breaks through. Then place them on the baking pans, give them a few cuts across the top with a knife, wash them with milk or milk and egg, dust them with sugar and bake them a nice brown in a hot oven. This is a nice eating pastry.

Real English Banbury Cake

Take an equal quantity of clean, well-picked currants, granulated sugar and finely chopped lemon peel and mix it all together and then add a nice flavoring of ginger and cinnamon; now add good fresh butter, enough to form the whole into a nice paste. Take the best puff paste, roll it out in a sheet one-fourth of an inch thick; cut this in pieces two inches square and place a piece of the prepared butter, currants, etc., in the center of each; now take the two corners, the one nearest to you and the one opposite you, bring them up, press them together, and then with the palm of the hand press them down flat. This makes the pieces oval in shape and leaves two ends which are folded together at libertv to rise; now wash the part that is not folded with water and add as much powdered sugar as you can get to remain on. Bake these in a slow heat. These are a little expensive, but are very fine and are the real English Banbury.