How To Cleanse A Sponge

By rubbing a fresh lemon thoroughly into a soured sponge and rinsing it several times in lukewarm water, it will become as sweet as when new.

How To Remove Grease Spots From Carpets

Cover spots with flour and then pin a thick paper over; repeat the process several times, each time brushing off the old flour into a dust-pan and putting on fresh.


- Never put away clean clothes without examining every piece to see if they are in any way out of order. Stockings, particularly, should be carefully darned.


- Ten cents worth of kalsomine, five cents worth of glue dissolved in warm water, two quarts of soft soap, and bluing. This will do for halls closets, fences, etc.

Bad Smells

Articles of clothing, or of any other character, which have become impregnated with bad-smelling substances, will be freed from them by burying for a day or two in the ground. Wrap up lightly before burying.

Cement For China

To a thick solution of gum arabic add enough plaster of parts to form a sticky paste; apply with a brush, and stick edges together.


- When sheets are beginning to wear in the middle, sew the selvage sides together and rip open the old seam, or tear in two and hem the sides.

How To Make Artificial Coral

Melt together four parts yellow resin and one part vermilion. Dip twigs, cinders, or stones in this, and when dry they will look like coral.

How To Sew Carpet-Rags On A Machine

Make the stitch short, run it obliquely across the rags where they are to be joined, and sew a good many before cutting the thread.

A Rustic Frame

A neat rustic frame for pictures may be made of cattail rods. Hide the corners where they are joined with ivy, or a vine made of leather-leaves or handsome autumn leaves and the berries of bitter-sweet.

How To Destroy Weeds In Walks

Boil ten pounds stone-lime, five gallons water and one pound flour of sulphur, let settle, pour off clear part, and sprinkle freely upon the weedy walks.

How To Mend Tin

Scrape the tin about the hole free from grease and rust, rub on a piece of resin until a powder lies about the hole, over it lay a piece of solder, and hold on it a hot poker or soldering iron until it melts.

How To Remove Grease From Wood Before Painting

Whitewash the spots over night, and wash it off in the morning. When dry, the paint will stick. Slaked lime laid on the spots and wet a little, will do as well as whitewash.

How To Clean Hearths

Soapstone or sandstone hearths are cleaned by washing in pure water, then sprinkling with powdered marble or soapstone, and rubbing with a piece of the stone as large as a brick, and having at least one flat surface.

Lightning Cream For Paint Or Clothes

- Four ounces white castile soap, four of ammonia, two of ether, two of alcohol, one of glycerine; cut the soap fine, dissolve in one quart of soft water over the fire, and when dissolved add the other ingredients.

Kerosene And Carpets

When so unfortunate as to spill kerosene oil or other grease on a carpet, sprinkle buckwheat flour (wheat flour will do) lightly over it until it is completely covered, and let it lie without disturbing it for a week; brush off, and there will be no trace of oil left.