Dirty Coat-Collars

- Apply benzine, and, after an hour or more, when the grease has become softened, rub it or remove with soap-suds.

To Clean Kettles easily, pour a little hot water in them and put a cover on; the steam will soften the dirt so that it may be easily removed.

Onion Odors

- When cooking onions, set a tin-cup of vinegar on the stove and let it boil, and it is said you will smell no disagreeable odor.

How To Soften Leather

The best oil for making boots and harness leather soft and pliable, is castor-oil. It is also excellent for greasing vehicles.

Color Of Paint For Tools

Tools exposed to the sun should be painted with light-colored paints, as they reflect instead of absorbing the heat.


- Powdered chalk added to glue strengthens it. Boil one pound glue with two quarts skimmed milk, and it will resist the action of water.

How To Keep Pearls Brilliant

Keep in common, dry magnesia, instead of the cotton wool used in jewel cases, and they will never lose their brilliancy.

How To Make Boots And Shoes Durable

Apply to the soles four or five successive coats of gum-copal varnish; and, to the uppers, a mixture of four parts of lard to one of rosin. Apply while warm.

How To Get Light In A Well Or Cistern

Reflect it in by a looking-glass. Any steel or metal lost in a cistern may be drawn out by lowering a strong magnet.

How To Catch Wild Ducks Or Geese Alive

Soak wheat in strong alcohol, and scatter where they are in the habit of feeding, and take them while they are drunk.

How To Make Artificial Butter

Render beef suet at a very low temperature, churn it in fresh buttermilk and yolks of eggs, and treat like butter, when removed.

Pounded Glass - mixed with dry corn-meal, and placed within the reach of rats, it is said, will banish them from the premises; or sprinkle cayenne pepper in their holes.

Spots on Varnished Furniture are readily removed by rubbing them with essence of peppermint or spirits of camphor, and afterwards with " furniture polish" or oil.

To Keep Seeds from the depredations of mice, mix some pieces of camphor with them. Camphor placed in trunks or drawers will prevent mice from doing them injury.

Furniture Filling

- Mix two gallons plaster of paris, one pint flour, one ounce each of pulverized pumice-stone and prepared chalk; add one half gallon boiled oil and one gill Japan drying.

How To Blow Out A Candle

If a candle is blown out by an upward instead of a downward current of air, the wick will not smoulder down. Hold the candle higher than the mouth in blowing it out.

Time To Cut Timber

Hard wood for timber or fire-wood should be cut in August, September or October. Hoop-poles should be cut before frost comes; cut at other times, there is danger of worms.

A Wet Silk Hat

Shake off the water, rub the way the nap lies with a clean linen cloth or silk handkerchief, and hang some distance from the fire to dry; a few hours after, brush with a soft brush.

How To Make Old Varnish Dry

"Sticky" varnish maybe dried by applying a coat of benzine, and, after two or three days, apply a coat of good varnish, and let dry thoroughly before using the furniture.