If papering and painting, or kalsomining are to be done, do the last named first. Wash ceiling that has been smoked by the kerosene lamp, with a strong solution of soda. Fill all cracks in the wall with a cement made of one part water to one part silicate of potash mixed with common whiting. Put it in with a limber case-knife if you have no trowel. In an hour, after it has set, scrape off the rough places, and after kalsomining no trace of the crack will appear. For the wash, take eight pounds whiting and one-fourth pound white glue; cover glue with cold water over night, and heat gradually in the morning until dissolved. Mix whiting with hot water, add the dissolved glue and stir together, adding warm water until about the consistency of thick cream. Use a kalsomine brush, which is finer than a white-wash brush, and leaves the work smoother. Brush in, and finish as you go along. If skim-milk is used instead of water, the glue may be omitted.

How To Prevent Hinges Creaking

Rub with a feather dipped in oil.

How To Drive Off Fleas

Sprinkle about bed a few drops of oil of lavender.

Red Ants

A small bag of sulphur kept in a drawer or cupboard will drive away red ants.

Icy Windows

Windows may be kept free from ice and polished by rubbing the glass with a sponge dipped in alcohol.

How To Destroy Cockroaches, Etc

Sprinkle the floor with hellebore at night. They eat it and are poisoned.

Lost Children

- Label children's hats with the name and place of residence so that, if lost, they may be easily restored.


- When parcels are brought to the house, fold paper and put away in drawer, and roll the string on a ball kept for the purpose.


- It is a great saving to have bars of soap dry. It should be bought by the quantity.

How To Prevent Pails From Shrinking

Saturate pails and tubs with glycerine, and they will not shrink.

How To Keep Flies Off Gilt Frames

Boil three or four onions in a pint of water and apply with a soft brush.

How To Remove Old Putty From Window-Frames

Pass a red-hot poker slowly over it, and it will come off easily.

How To Soften Hard Water

Hard water becomes nearly soft by boiling. A piece of chalk will soften hard spring-water.

Provide on Saturday for Monday, so as not to take up the fire with, cooking, or time in running errands on washing-day.

How To Soften Cistern-Water

Cistern-water that has become hard from long standing, can be softened by adding a little borax.

How To Destroy The Smell Of Fresh Paint

Sprinkle hay with water in which chloride of lime has been mixed, and place on floor.

Ants And Insects

Dissolve two pounds alum in three quarts water. Apply with a brush while hot to every crevice where vermin harbor.

How To Clean Chromos

Dampen a linen rag slightly and go over them gently. If the varnish has become defaced, cover with a thin mastic varnish.

Coal Ashes Make Excellent Garden Walks

They become very hard by use and no weeds or grass will grow through them.