How To Take Grease Out Of Silks, Woolens, Paper, Floors, Etc

Grate thick over the spot French (or common will do) chalk, cover with brown paper, set on it a hot flatiron, and let it remain until cool; repeat if necessary. The iron must not be so hot as to burn paper or cloth.

Substitute For Washing-Soda

A German scientific journal recommends laundresses to use hyposulphite of soda in place of common washing-soda. It does not attack the fabric in any way, and at the same time exerts some bleaching actions which greatly improve the appearance of linen and calicoes.

Silver Polish For Shirts

- One ounce each of isinglass and borax, one tea-spoon white glue, two tea-spoons white of an egg. Cook well in two quarts of fine starch. Starch in this and dry. Before ironing, apply some of it to the bosom and cuffs with a cloth till well dampened. Iron at once with a hot glossing iron.

How To Clean Black Lace

Take the lace and wipe off all the dust carefully, with a cambric handkerchief. Then pin it out on a board, inserting a pin in each projecting point of the lace. Spot it all over with table-beer, and do not remove the pins until it is perfectly dry. It will look quite fresh and new.

How To Make Soap To Do Away With Rubbing

Dissolve five bars of soap in four gallons soft water, one and three-fourths pounds sal-soda, and three-fourths pound borax; stir while cooling. Use one cupful to make suds to soak clothes in; wring out and put into the boiler; use same quantity of soap for boiling the same.

Enamel For Shirt Bosoms

Melt together with a gentle heat, one ounce white wax and two ounces spermaceti; prepare in the usual way a sufficient quantity of starch for a dozen bosoms, put into it a piece of this enamel the size of a hazel-nut, and in proportion for a large number. This will give clothes a beautiful polish.

How To Remove The Color From Buff Calico

If some kinds of buff calico are dipped in strong soda water, the color will be removed and the figures of other colors remain on a white ground. This is valuable sometimes, as buff calico spots easily. If pink calico be dipped in vinegar and water after rinsing, the color will be brighter.

To Remove the Stain of Nitrate of Silver - from the flesh, or white goods of any kind, dissolve iodine in alcohol, and apply to the stain; then take a piece of cyanide potassium, size of a hickory-nut, wet in water, rub on the spot, and the stain will immediately disappear; then wash the goods or hands in cold water. - G. W. Gollins, Urbana.

Mother's Hard-Times Soap

- Take all the bits of soap that are too small to be longer used, shave down, and let soak in soft water enough to cover them over night; in the morning add more soft water, and boil until thoroughly melted and of the consistency of taffy; pour into molds, and you have a nice cake of soap. - Miss Addie Munsell.

Coffee Starch

- Make a paste of two table-spoons best starch and cold water; when smooth stir in a pint of perfectly clear coffee (made by pouring boiling water on the grounds left from breakfast and straining) boiling hot; boil five or ten minutes, stir with a spermaceti or wax candle, strain, and use for all dark calicoes, percales, and muslins.