Yellow On Silk

For ten pounds goods, use sugar of lead seven and a half ounces, alum two pounds; enter the goods, and let them remain twelve hours; remove them, drain, and make a new dye with fustic one pounds. Immerse until the color suits.

Red Dye For Wool

For ten pounds of goods, make a tolerably thick paste of lac dye and sulphuric acid, and allow it to stand for a day. Now take tartar one pound, tin liquor half a pound, and twelve ounces of the above paste; make a hot bath with sufficient water, and enter the goods for three-quarters of an hour; afterwards carefully rinse and dry.

Yellow On Cotton

For ten pounds goods, use sugar of lead one pound, dip the goods two hours. Make a new dye with bichromate of potash half a pound; dip until the color suits; wring out and dry; if not yellow enough, repeat the operation.

Violet Dye On Silk Or Wool

A good violet dye may be given by pass-ing the goods first through a solution of verdigris, then through a decoction of logwood, and lastly alum water. A fast violet may be given by dyeing the goods crimson with cochineal, without alum or tartar, and, after rinsing, passing them through the indigo vat. Linens or cottons are first galled with, eighteen per cent, of gall nuts; next passed through a mordant of alum, iron liquor, and sulphate of copper, working them well; then worked in a madder bath made with an equal weight of root; and lastly brightened with soap or soda.

Slate Dye On Silk

For a small quantity, take a pan of warm water and about a teacupful of logwood liquor, pretty strong, and a piece of pearl ash the size of a nut; take gray colored goods and handle a little in this liquid, and it is finished. If too much logwood is used, the color will be too dark. For a straw color on silk, use swartweed; boil in a brass vessel, and set with alum.

Lilac Dye On Silk

For five pounds of silk, use archil seven and a half pounds; mix it well with the liquor; make it boil quarter of an hour; dip the silk quickly, then let it cool, and wash it in river water, and a fine half-violet, or lilac, more or less full, will be obtained.

Green Dye On Silk

Take green ebony, boil it in water, and let it settle; take the clear liquor, as hot as you can bear your hands in it, and handle your goods in it until of a bright yellow; then take water and put in a little sulphate of indigo; handle your goods in this till of the shade desired. The ebony may previously be boiled in a bag to prevent it sticking to the silk.

Brown On Silk

Dissolve annatto one pound, pearl ash four pounds, in boiling water, and pass the silk through it for two hours; then take it out, squeeze it well and dry; next give it a mordant of alum, and pass it first through a bath of Brazil-wood, and afterward through a bath of logwood to which a little green copperas has been added; wring it out and dry; afterward rinse well.

Mulberry On Silk

For five pounds of silk, use alum one pound and a quarter; dip fifty minutes; wash out, and make a dye with Brazil-wood five ounces and logwood one and a quarter ounces, by boiling together; dip in this half an hour; then add more Brazil-wood and logwood, equal parts, until the color suits.