For Cold In The Head

As soon as you feel that you have a cold in the head, put a tea-spoonful of sugar in a goblet, and on it put six drops of camphor, stir it, and fill the glass half full of water; stir, till the sugar is dissolved, then take a dessert-spoonful every twenty minutes. This is a sure cure if taken as directed.

How To Prevent Taking Cold

If out in cold weather with insufficient clothing or wrappings, fold a newspaper and spread across the chest. Persons having weak lungs can in this way make for themselves a very cheap and perfect lung protector. Large papers spread between quilts at night, add much to the warmth.


- The following is an excellent salve for burns, cuts, or sores of long standing: Take equal parts of melted beeswax, mutton suet, pulverized resin, burnt alum, honey, Venice of turpentine, sweet-oil. Cook over a slow fire all together. Stir till it commences to thicken; then strain through a cloth and pour in earthen boxes.

Catarrh Cold

- Ten drops carbolic acid, and seven and a half each of iodine and chloroform; heat a few drops over a spirit lamp in a test tube, holding the mouth of the tube to the nostrils as soon as volatization is effected. Repeat every two minutes, until the patient sneezes a number of times, when the troublesome symptoms will disappear.


- One-half drachm sal-ammonia in one ounce of camphor-water. Take a tea-spoon several times, five minutes apart, until relieved. Another simple remedy is horseradish. Grate, and mix it in vinegar, the same as for table purposes, and apply to the temple when the face or head is affected, or the wrist, when the pain is in the arm or shoulder.

Whooping Cough

- Mix one lemon sliced, half pint flax-seed, two ounces honey, and one quart water, and simmer, not boil, four hours; strain when cool, and if there is less than a pint of the mixture, add water. Dose: one table-spoon four times a day, and one also, after each severe fit of coughing. Warranted to cure in four days if given when the child first "whoops."


- A mother gives the following: "Once a week invariably - and generally when we had cold meat minced - I gave the children a dinner which is hailed with delight, and looked forward to; this is a dish of boiled onions. The little things knew that they were taking the best of medicine for expelling what most children suffer from - worms. Mine were kept free by this remedy alone."

For Sore Throat use as a remedy one ounce of camphorated oil and. five cents worth of chlorate of potash. Whenever any soreness appears in the throat, put the potash in half a tumbler of water, and with it gargle the throat thoroughly, then rub the neck thoroughly with the camphorated oil at night before going to bed, and also pin around the throat a small strip of woolen flannel.

Eye Wash

Sulphate of zinc two grains, sulphate of morphine one-half grain, distilled water one ounce; mix, and bottle. Drop in the eye (a drop or two at once,) then wink the eye several times, so that the wash may reach all the parts; and keep quiet and do not use the eyes for about an hour. This wash is for blood-shot eyes, and when used it will produce quite a smarting sensation.