Cocoa Butter

- Apply, at night, to face and hands, and wash off in the morning. This is excellent for the skin, and keeps it soft and clear.

How To Clean Light Kids

Put the glove on the hand, and rub thoroughly with white corn-meal, using a piece of cotton flannel.

How To Keep Pearls Brilliant

Keep in common, dry magnesia, instead of the cotton wool used in jewel cases, and they will never lose their brilliancy.

Tonic For The Hair

Ounce best castor-oil, two ounces each of French brandy and bay rum; scent with rosemary and rose-geranium.

How To Cure Chilblains

Soak feet for fifteen minutes in warm water, put on a pair of rubbers, without stockings, and go to bed.

Cement For Jet

Use shellac to join, and then smoke the joints to make them black.

Mother's Marks - should never be interfered with, except by the advice of a physician.

Tetter or Ringworm - of the face is caused by a disordered stomach, and must be cured by proper diet.

Pimples - are caused by improper diet, and can never be cured except by correcting the habits. Cosmetics only injure.

How To Restore Color To Kid Shoes

Mix a small quantity of good polish blacking with the white of an egg.

Hair Oil

Two tea-spoons each of castor oil, ammonia and glycerine; add alcohol enough to cut the oil, and put in a four-ounce bottle half full of rain-water. Shake before using.

Black Heads

- To remove "black heads " in the face, place over the black spot the hollow end of a watch-key, and press firmly. This forces the foreign substance out, so that it may be brushed off and is a cure. (574)

How To Keep Off Mosquitoes

Rub exposed parts with kerosene. The odor is not noticed after a few minutes, and children especially are much relieved by its use.

The Breath

Nothing makes one so disagreeable to others as a bad breath. It is caused by bad teeth, diseased stomach, or disease of the nostrils. Neatness and care of the health will prevent and cure it.

The Skin And Complexion

Washing in cool, but not excessively cold, water, and general cleanliness, keeps the skin healthy and the complexion clear.

Ivory Blacking For Shoes

- Four ounces ivory-black, three ounces coarsest sugar, one table-spoon sweet-oil, one pint small beer; mix well together.

Castor-Oil For Shoes

Take a tea-spoon of it and rub in thoroughly by a fire. Do this when the shoes are new, and several times afterwards, and they will last twice as long.


- One ounce flour of sulphur to one quart of water. Shake well at intervals, for a few hours, and, when settled, saturate the head with the clear liquid every morning.

For Chapped Hands, Face And Lips

Ten drops carbolic acid in one ounce glycerine; apply freely at night. Pure mutton tallow is also excellent.

Cologne Water

- Thirty drops each oil of lavender, oil of bergamot, oil of lemon, and orange-flower water, half pint deodorized alcohol. Cork and shake well.


- An excess of fat is a disease. To reduce the excess, eat little or no butter, fat meat, gravies, sugar, vegetables, or other articles containing large amounts of starch or sugar.

Dandruff In The Hair

There is no simpler nor better remedy for this vexatious appearance (caused by a dryness of the skin) than a wash of camphor and borax - an ounce of each put into a pint and a half of cold water, and afterwards rub a little pure oil into the scalp.

Moth Patches - may be removed from the face by the following remedy: Into a pint bottle of rum put a table-spoon of flour of sulphur. Apply this to the patches once a day, and they will disappear in two or three weeks.

Boston Burnett Powder for the Face - Five cents worth of bay rum, five cents worth of magnesia snow-flake, five cents worth of bergamot, five cents worth of oil of lemon; mix in a pint bottle and fill up with rain-water.