All satin goods should be pressed upon the right side. To press and clean black silk, shake out all the duet, clean well with a flannel cloth, rubbing it up and down over the silk: this takes out all dust that may be left; take some good lager beer and sponge the silk, both on the wrong and right side, sponging across the width of the silk, and not down the length, and with a moderately-warm iron, press what is intended for the wrong side. After sponging, it is better to wait a few minutes before pressing, as the irons will not be so apt to stick.

Or, sponge with hot coffee, thoroughly freed from sediment by being strained through muslin. The silk is sponged on the side intended to show, it is allowed to become partially dry, and then ironed on the wrong side. The coffee removes every particle of grease, and restores the brilliancy of silk, without giving it either the shiny appearance or crackly or papery stiffness obtained by beer or any other liquid. The silk appears thickened by the process, and this good effect remains.