Chronic Inflammation Of The Stomach

- This is known by a pain in the stomach, increased by the presence of food, by belching up gas, by vomiting, fickle appetite, seasons of thirst, tongue white in the center and red at tip, or sometimes red and smooth - is a disease which soon ends in ulceration of stomach, and death. Counter-irritants over the stomach, such as mustard draughts, followed by hot fomentations of hops; frequent warm or cool baths, according to patient's constitution; a tepid compress worn over the stomach at night; and the most careful diet, consisting mostly of gum water, rice water, slippery-elm water and gruel, arrowroot gruel, toast without butter, gluten mush, etc., and in two or three weeks the disease will yield under this persistent starving and cooling system.

Blistered Feet

- To cure blistered feet from long walking, rub the feet, at going to bed, with spirits mixed with tallow.

Frosted Feet

- To relieve the intense itching of frosted feet, dissolve a lump of alum in a little water and bathe the part with it, warming it before the fire. One or two applications are sure to give relief.

For A Felon

Take equal parts of gum camphor, opium, castile soap, brown sugar; wet to a paste with spirits of turpentine, and apply like a salve. Those who have tried it say it is an invaluable remedy. Or take common rock-salt, such as is used in salting down beef or pork, and mix with spirits of turpentine in equal parts, and as it gets dry put on more, and in twenty-four hours you are cured. Or, when you fear a felon is coming, put a pint tin of boiling water on the store; then add to that a tea-spoonful of saleratus and a wineglass of vinegar; heat this every little while, say from half an hour to an hour, and hold your finger in it till the pain subsides; repeat this till you see all the matter drawn to one place; then have it opened, and your finger will heal. After a felon has been lanced, apply a poultice of equal parts of flaxseed and slippery-elm flour to take out inflammation.

Diet In Disease And Health

Of the grains for mushes, rye is most flesh-making, oatmeal second, and Graham third. For laxativeness - rye first, Graham second, oatmeal third. Graham builds up nerves, bones, and sinews; dark gluten the same; light gluten is more fattening than the dark.

Changing Clothing

- People often take cold by removing heavy underclothing too early in the spring. This should never be done until weather is settled. When about to make the change, take a cold hand-bath or sponge-bath and rub briskly, in the morning, and there is no danger of taking cold.

Cutting The Hair

Many children and men take cold after having the hair cut. This may be prevented by a quick dash of cold water on the head immediately after cutting, and before going out, and a brisk rubbing afterward.

A Simple Remedy For Catarrh

Place alum on the stove and let it melt and burn until it becomes a dry powder. Then use it as snuff.

Change Of Climate

A change of climate is nearly always beneficial to health for a time, and sometimes effects a complete cure in disease. It is still more likely to do good if a change of habits and diet goes with it.