Clam Stew

Take half peck hard-shell clams, wash shells clean, and put in a kettle with about one tea-cup water; let steam until the shells open, when take out of shell, strain juice, and return it with clams to the fire; after they come to a boil, add one pint milk, a piece of butter size of an egg, three crackers rolled fine, pepper, and salt if any is needed. - Mrs. A. W.

Fried Clams

Remove from shell large soft-shell clams; beat an egg well and add two table-spoons water; have the clams dried in a towel, and dip them first in the egg, then in finely-rolled cracker or bread?

crumbs, and fry (longer than oysters) in sweet lard or butter. Oysters may be prepared for cooking in same way. - Mrs. A. W.

Deviled Crabs

Pick the meat from a boiled crab and cut in fine bits, add one-third as much bread-crumbs, two or three chopped hard-boiled eggs, and lemon juice; season with pepper, salt, and butter or cream. Clean the shells nicely and fill with the mixture, sprinkle over with bread-crumbs and small bits of butter, and brown in oven. Lobsters may be prepared in same way, and served in silver scallop-shells. Or, boil one pint milk, and thicken with one table-spoon corn starch mixed in a little cold milk, season with pepper (cayenne may be used) and salt, and pour over the picked-up lobster; put in baking-dish, and cover with bread-crumbs and a few pieces of butter, and brown in oven. - Mrs. Col. S., Norfolk, Va.