Collars That Do Not Fit

Few gentlemen have philosophy enough to endure an ill-fitting collar with patience, but not many understand why they do not fit. The fact is, the laundress stretches them the wrong way. Damp linen is very pliable, and a good pull will alter a fourteen-inch into a fifteen-inch collar in the twinkling of an eye. She ought to stretch them crosswise, and not lengthwise. Then, in straightening out shirt-bosoms, she makes another mistake of the same sort. They also ought to be pulled crosswise instead of lengthwise, particularly in the neighborhood of the neck. A lengthwise pull draw's the front of the neckband somewhat directly under your chin, where it was never meant to go; and, of course, that spoils the fit of your collar. With the front of the neckband an inch too high, and the collar an inch too long, you have a most undesirable combination.

Cutting Teeth

- The time the first teeth make their appearance varies, but the following dates approximate the time: Central incisors from five to eight months after birth; lateral incisors from seven to ten: first molars from twelve to sixteen; cuspids, or eye-teeth, from fourteen to twenty; second molars from twenty to thirty-six. The first teeth should be protected from decay as far as possible by careful cleaning daily; if decay makes its appearance, the cavity should be promptly filled, and the tooth saved until displaced by the permanent teeth. About the sixth year, the first molars of the permanent teeth make their appearance. They are generally supposed to belong to the first or milk-teeth, and are frequently lost for want of care. A little more attention given to the first teeth would save parents and children sleepless nights and suffering.

Queen Bess Complexion Wash

- Put in a vial one drachm of benzoin gum in powder, one drachm nutmeg-oil, six drops of orange-blossom tea, or apple-blossoms put in half pint rain-water and boiled down to one tea-spoonful and strained, one pint of sherry wine. Bathe the face morning and night: will remove all flesh-worms and freckles, and give a beautiful complexion. Or, put one ounce of powdered gum of benzoin in pint of whisky; to use, put in water in wash-bowl till it is milky, allowing it to dry without wiping. This is perfectly harmless.

Ox-Marrow Pomatum

Take two ounces of yellow wax and twelve ounces of beef marrow. Melt all together, and when sufficiently cool perfume it with essential oil of almonds.

Eruptions Caused By Heat

- Nothing is better than bathing irritated parts in a solution of one tea-spoonful of the common carbolic acid to a pint of rose-water. The acid, as usually sold in solution, is about one-half the strength of really pure acid, which is very hard to find. Care must be taken not to let the wash get into the eyes, as it certainly will smart, though it may not be strong enough to do further harm. No more purifying, healing lotion is known to medical skill, and its work is speedy.

Coarse And Stippled Skin

Some faces which are neither pimpled nor freckled look like a pin-cushion from which the pins have been drawn out. The oil-glands, particularly on the nose and cheeks, are coarse and large. Wearing at night a mask of quilted cotton wet in cold water will soften and renew the skin, and will do more for it than the costly toilet masks and cos-metiques. It requires patience, four to six weeks being required sometimes; ' but it works a cure and repays patience. The new skin is as soft as an infant's. When oily, bathing in camphor is an aid, but camphor should never be used on good complexions, as it parches them.