Cows And Turnips

To prevent the Odor and flavor of turnips from appearing in the milk, feed while milking, and the flavor will have disappeared before the next milking. With this precaution, feeding turnips will increase the flow without injuring the quality or flavor of milk.

Care Of A Carriage

A carriage should be kept in a dry coach-house, with a moderate amount of light, otherwise the colors will be destroyed. There should be no communication between the stables and the coach-house. The manure heap or pit should also be kept as far away as possible. Ammonia cracks varnish and fades the colors both of painting and lining. In washing a carriage, keep out of the sun and use plenty of water which apply with a large, soft sponge. This, when saturated, squeeze over the panels, and by the flow down of the water the dirt will soften and harni-essly run off, then finish with a soft chamois leather and old silk handkerchief. Never use a brush, which, in conjunction with the grit from the road, acts like sand-paper on the varnish, scratching it, and of course effectually removing all gloss. Never allow water to dry itself on the carriage as it invariably leaves stains.

The Family Cow

The best cows are usually the thinnest ones and the largest eaters. The warmer the stable is kept the less food will she require. Linseed oil-cake meal gives a greasy, unpleasant flavor, and light color to butter. Winter and Spring butter is often injured in flavor by allowing cows to eat the litter from horse stables.

How To Freshen Old Hickory Nuts For Cake Making

Put large ones in boiling water for half an hour and small ones for a quarter hour, crack, pick out meats being careful not to mix in any pieces of shell or the film that divides the two halves, If the meats seem damp, place for a few moments in the oven to dry out. Now place in a sieve and rub gently to remove all the dark portions that adhere to the meats, and they are ready to be chopped for the cake. Chop very fine for icings, but only moderately fine for cake.

How To Ascertain Amount Of Gas Used

Read from left-hand dial, always taking the figures which the index hands have passed, viz.: By these dials, register 436 adding two ciphers for the hundredths, making 43,600 feet registered. To ascertain the amount of gas used in a given time, deduct the previous register from the present, viz:

To Ascertain Amount of Gas Used

Register by above dials,.......


Previous register as indicated by the light pointers,


Feet indicated,......


How To Make Hens Lay In Winter

Keep them warm; keep corn constantly by them, but do not feed it to them. Feed them with meat scraps when lard or tallow has been tried, or fresh meat. Some chop green peppers finely, or mix cayenne pepper with corn-meal, to feed them. Let them have a frequent taste of green food, a little gravel and lime, or clamshells.

To Remove Oil Marks from wall paper where inconsiderate people rest their heads. Take pipe-clay or fuller's earth, and make into a paste, about as thick as ice-cream, with cold water; lay it on the stain gently without rubbing it in; leave it on all night. It will be dry by morning, when it can be brushed off, and unless an old stain, the grease spot will have disappeared. If old, renew the application.