How To Preserve Books

Bindings may be preserved from mildew7 by brushing them over with the spirits of wine. A few drops of any perfumed oil will secure libraries from the consuming effects of mold and damp. Russia leather which is perfumed with the tar of the birch-tree, never molds or sustains injury from damp. The Romans used oil of cedar to preserve valuable manuscripts. Russia-leather covered books, placed in a stationer's window, will destroy flies and other insects.

Badly Fitting Doors

- When blinds and doors no not close snugly, but leave cracks through which drafts enter, the simplest remedy is this: Place a strip of putty all along the jambs, cover the edge of the blind or door with chalk, and shut it. The putty will then fill all spaces which would remain open and be pressed out where it is not needed, while the excess is easily removed with a knife. The chalk rubbed on the edges prevents adhesion, and the putty is left in place, where it soon dries and leaves a perfectly fitting jamb.

Care Of Oil Paintings And Frames

Wash the picture, when necessary, in sweet milk and warm water, drying carefully. Or, clean the painting well with a sponge dipped in warm beer, and when perfectly dry, wash with a solution of the finest gum-dragon dissolved in pure water. To retouch a gilt frame wet the rubbed spot with isinglass dissolved in weak spirits. When about dry, lay on gold-leaf, and when quite dry, polish with a very hard burnisher. Give the gilt frame when new a coat of white varnish, and all specks can then be washed off with water or suds without harm.

Finish For Room

A room with plain white walls is finished beautifully by placing a black walnut (or the same wood with which the room is finished) molding around the room where the border of paper is usually placed, at the junction of wall and ceiling. The molding, finished in oil, costs from one to five cents a foot, and is easily put up. The upper edge should be rounded, and a 3pace of a quarter inch left between it and ceiling. To hang pictures buy an S hook, sold at all hardware stores, place one hook over the molding, hang the picture cord on the other, and slip to the right or left to the desired position. This saves the wall from injury from picture-nails.

Perpetual Paste

- Dissolve a tea-spoon of alum in a quart of water. "When cold, stir in as much flour as will give it the consistency of thick cream, being particular to beat up all the lumps; stir in as much powdered rosin as will lay on a five-cent piece, and throw in half a dozen cloves to give it a pleasant odor. Have on the tire a tea- cup of boiling water, pour the flour mixture into it, stirring well at the time. In a few minutes it will be of the consistency of mush. Pour it into an earthen vessel, let it cool, lay a cover on, and put in a cool place. "When needed for use, take out a portion and soften it with warm water. Paste made in this way will last a year. It is better than gum, as it does not gloss the paper.