First prepare seasoning of three parts salt and one part black pepper, with just a dash of ground nutmeg; next take tender steak, enough to fill the dish, cut this up into thin slices, now take each slice, sprinkle it with just enough of the above seasoning to season it (not too high), then sprinkle it with chopped parsley; next roll it up and pass a small wooden skewer through it, to hold it, or you can dispense with the skewer if you place the fold downward, to prevent its unfolding; continue this until the dish is full, then add water sufficient to make a good gravy, now lay on the top of this a few hard boiled eggs sliced, then put on the crust, previously having lined the inside edge of the dish with paste; now wash the top with eggs and bake it in a moderate heat; as soon as it boils, and has boiled about ten minutes, the whole should be cooked. By adopting this plan the meat will be tender and the gravy much richer than by the plan of par-boiling the meat prior to baking; the point to observe being not to bake it too quick. For a simple beefsteak pie, cut the steak into strips about half an inch in thickness, season them, lay them in the dish, add water for gravy, cover with crust and bake.