Ask any confectioner for a piece of "Baker's eagle cocoa; "and if you can not procure that, ask any grocer for pure cocoa in block, or what is called "Baker's premium cocoa." Place what you need of it in a basin, and stand the basin in boiling water until the cocoa is dissolved, then add powdered sugar to taste, and beat it well in; add also the whites of two eggs (whisked up a little) to every pound of cocoa used (this gives a gloss); beat the sugar in well and the whites of eggs; now with a knife spread the cocoa (or rather the chocolate now that it has the sugar in it, for chocolate is simply cocoa sweetened) evenly on the cake; be as quick as possible with it, for as soon as it cools it gets hard. If you wish simple cocoa icing, use the cocoa and whites of egg only; but if you wish sweet or chocolate icing, add the sugar. To help you a little in the first attempt, add one tablespoonful of hot water to a pound of cocoa; this will keep it moist and liquid a little longer, but it will take a little longer to harden.