A haunch of venison should be cut across to the bone on the line 1-3-2, then turn the dish a little, and put the point of the knife at 3, and cut down as deep as possible in the direction of 6-4, and continue to cut slices on the right and left of the line. The fattest parts are found between 4 and 2. A loin of veal or a loin of mutton should be jointed by the butcher before it is cooked, and the carver easily cuts through the ribs. He should serve a portion of the kidney and the fat on each plate.

In serving fish, some practice is needful, for lightness of touch and dexterity of management are necessary to prevent the flakes from breaking. In serving mackerel, shad, etc., a part of the roe should be placed on each plate. The fins of the turbot are the most sought for; the fish is placed underpart uppermost on the platter, as there lies the primest part. In carving salmon, a portion of the back and belly should be served to each person. The choicest morsels are next to the head, the thin part comes next, and the tail is the least esteemed. The flavor of the fish nearest the bone is not equal to that on the upper part.

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