Stewed Fish

Cut a fish across in slices an inch and a half thick, and sprinkle with salt; boil two sliced onions until done, pour off water, season with pepper, add two tea-cups hot water and a little parsley, and in this simmer the fish until thoroughly done. Serve hot. Good method for any fresh-water fish.


Take a white fish, steam till tender, take out bones, and sprinkle with pepper and salt. For dressing, heat a pint of milk, and thicken with a quarter pound of flour; when cool, add two eggs and a quarter pound of butter, and season with onion and parsley (very little of each); put in the baking-dish a layer of fish, then a layer of sauce, till full, cover the top with bread-crumbs, and bake half an hour. - Mrs. Robert A. Liggett, Detroit,

How To Fry Eels

Skin them, wash well, season with pepper and salt, roll each piece in fine Indian meal, fry in boiling lard; or egg them, and roll in cracker-crumbs and fry. For sauce, use melted butter sharpened with lemon-juice.

How To Pickle Rock

Cook a rock-fish (cut in pieces) in water enough to cover. Put in a handful of salt, a little white pepper, one table-spoon of allspice, a few cloves and mace. When fish is near done, add a quart of vinegar. In putting away, cover with liquor. - Mrs. J. S. W.

Pickled Salmon

Soak salmon twenty-four hours, changing water several times. Put it in boiling water with a little vinegar; when done and cold, boil your vinegar with spice and pour over fish.- -Mrs. A. P., Virginia.