When killed and cool cut up, and begin immediately to salt them. Rub the outside of each ham with a teaspoon of powdered saltpetre, and the inside with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Having mixed together two pounds of brown sugar and salt, mixed in the proportion of one pound and a half of sugar to a pint of salt, rub the pork well with it. This quantity of sugar and salt will be sufficient for fifty pounds of meat. Have ready some large tubs, the bottom sprinkled with salt, and lay the meat in the tubs with the skin downward. Put plenty of salt between each layer of meat. After it has lain eight days, take it out and wipe off the salt, and wash the tubs. Make a pickle of soft water, equal quantities of salt and molasses and a little saltpetre; allowing five ounces of saltpetre to two quarts of molasses and two quarts of salt, which is the proportion for fifty pounds of meat. The pickle must be strong enough to bear up an egg. Boil and skim it, and, when it is cold, pour it over the meat, which must be turned frequently and basted with the pickle. The hams should remain in the pickle at least four weeks; the bacon three weeks. They should then be taken out and smoked. Having washed off the pickle, before you smoke the meat, bury it while wet in a tub of bran. This will form a crust over it, and prevent evaporation of the juices. Let the smoke-house be ready to receive the meat immediately. Take it out of the tub after it has lain half an hour, and rub the bran evenly over it. Then hang it up to smoke with the small end downward. Tongues may be cured in the above manner.