Take a rib-piece or loin-roast of seven to eight pounds. Beaf it thoroughly all over, lay it in the roasting dish and baste it with melted butter. Put it inside the well-heated oven, and baste frequently with its own fat, which will make it brown and tender. If, when it is cooking fast, the gravy is growing too brown, turn a glass of German cooking wine into the bottom of the pan, and repeat this as often as the gravy cooks away. The roast needs about two hours time to be done, and must be brown outside but inside still a little red. Season with salt and pepper. Squeeze a little lemon juice over it, and also turn the gravy upon it, after skimming off all fat. - Mrs. L. S. Willlston, Heidelberg, Germany.

A Brown Stew. Put on stove a rather thick piece of beef with little bone and some fat; four hours before needed, pour on just boiling water enough to cover, cover with a close-fitting lid, boil gently, and as the water boils away add only just enough from time to time to keep from burning, so that when the meat is tender, the water may all be boiled away, as the fat will allow the meat to brown without burning; turn occasionally, brown evenly over a slow fire, and make a gravy, by stirring flour and water together and adding to the drippings; season with salt an hour before it is done. - Mrs. Ceba Hull.