For children whose mothers are forced to go out to work a creche is provided, where a mother can leave one child for 4d. a day (or two for 7d.) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Mr. P. W. Wilson, M.p., has declared that: "Here we have a piece of work which has added to the social experience of the State. It is probable that in future years the nursery school will have to be undertaken on broad national lines, but this possibility only emphasises the need for maintaining a creche like that at Lincoln House, which has to serve as well as it can so large a population.

"It goes without saying that the creche reaches the parents as well as the children. At Lincoln House there are classes and mothers' meetings, and a vast network of sympathetic agencies which would never have developed if it had not been for the central work.

"The creche only costs 270 a year, and for this small sum about 200 young lives are yearly rescued physically, morally, and spiritually from the gutter. The life of a tiny child when its mother has to earn her living is one of the tragedies of modern civilisation. It feeds upon some dirty crust flung at it from a window, or is given a penny to buy what unsuitable food appeals to an unguided palate."

For older children there are Guilds 0) Play and Handicrafts. Here the children learn both to play and to work, and study basket-making, carpentry, painting, etc., with enthusiasm.

A corner of the creche which saves 200 children from the streets every year

A corner of the creche which saves 200 children from the streets every year