Again, there are the clubs for boys and girls when they reach the most difficult age of all - the age when most care is needed, and, amongst the children of the people, least is given.

At fourteen the children leave school and begin life as wage-earners. In thousands of cases, in return for the money they pay for their keep they receive their freedom from any kind of home discipline. The Sisters of the People, however, do much to draw these unruly units together, and infuse into them a wonderful esprit de corps. It is said that " to conduct a mothers' meeting or a Bible-class is to enter on a vocation hallowed by centuries of approval, but to meet five or six nights of the week with girls or boys on the common footing and comradeship of a club is to venture forth on the new and untried. The club is a revolutionary institution, because it is formed to meet the needs of a revolution which has taken place in the lives of its members. "To the uninitiated the club programme consists of drilling one night, games another, a lecture or instructive reading on some evenings, wood-carving, sewing, and painting or Bible-class at other times, and so on, according to the circumstances of the case and the wishes of the leader and her members. But that is merely a superficial view of it. It really consists - in early stages, at any rate - of an immense wrestle between the club leader and the members. During this process it is not unusual for the two combatants to stand apart awhile, and comment on mutual progress. Boys, in particular, who have a keen sense of humour, have been known to remark to their leader as follows: ' I am not saying that your method is not good, but we are not accustomed to it. If you will only stick to the work you may make something out of it in the end. There

Religion has been good training on both sides, and we are angels to what we were.' The club leader, indeed, is ' trained ' quite as much as the members, and it has yet to be proved that the most effective work has been done, not among the members, but the leaders and helpers.

In the Girls' Clubs the members can obtain recreation after their long day's work, as well as spiritual help. In addition, lectures are given to them on hygiene and other useful subjects."